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In my life I have always done whatever I wanted to do. That may sound presumptuous but it did cost me my work, failures and hurts.

It took almost all my life to discover to what sort of humanity I was supposed to belong and now I can proudly say that I am ATIPICAL.

All along my life, I can say that 90% of what I have initiated I have finished with success. I have done many different things, as my life was never linear but rather curvaceous.

When I was 15 years old, I wanted to go to skies with a good equipment and I was tired to wear given cloth and borrow old skies and to have cold feet (horrible), so I decide to make money to buy my self a new equipment. (I was born in Switzerland in 1944)

Obviously every one told me I want succeed…But as I was rather stubborn, hope not to be so stubborn any more, so in the month of September I decided to do Christmas Cards, as every one was sending cards to every one (1959), and I found them terribly boring, all the same.

SO I create one album and I started selling. I had to work a lot, all hand made and so I bought my equipment.

Through this story I learned something very important to me: When you do things with FAITH the Universe answers, support ‘s you. And so a friend presented me another friend, who had a sport business, and he sold me everything really in a very good quality for 50 % of the value. I also understood something else: When you do not have something you want, get it. In the way of getting it the Universe will show you the way.

I arrived in Mexico City being 22 years old. I had studied Architectural Interior Design in a school of the Arts Décoratifs de Paris, in the Museum Nissim Camondo. 1960-1966 I had no rights to work as a housewife and my husband had been very sick and had accumulated a huge amount of debts. Scary.

We where in the month of June and I remembered the Christmas Cards. At that time they where in vogue in Mexico. It was in 1966. I made an album and I started selling cards. And I paid the debt, I worked like mad and still hade some extra money after. And as when you do things with faith the Universes sustain’ s you, it happened that a person that had received one of my cards liked it so much that he called his friend and the friend told him: it is Karine Bourcart X ‘s wife she just arrived form Paris she is an Interior Designer. Then this mean who was named Pedro Aspe and who was the director if a big department store named El Palacio De Hierro, told him send her to me I need a Interior designer for the store. So this way I got my first job and my legal papers to work. 1966 .

I created a lot of show rooms, the first one in department store in Mexico and an Art Gallery with the best Galleries of the city: Inès Amor, Antonio Souza, Misrachi, Las Pecannins between other’s, with the best artists of that time. This gave to the medium Mexican class the power to by art with their Palacio de Hierro credit card.

1970-1974 I studied Goberlin technique in tapestry, in the Ciudadela School with the Master Pedro Preux.

1971 Co founder of the first Association of Hand Craft Designer. “Diseñadores Artesanales.”

  1. I create large looms with the support of Mr. John Arvonio in Oaxaca,a ,allowing the weavers to create big pieces without to have to join 3 pieces together.
  2. I received the bronze award in textile from the national reward of the IMMCE for export in Mexico.

1976 I open a stand of macramé in the “Bazar del Sabado” in San angel CDMX and I organized   to do the production in a women jail   in Ixtapalapa. Allowing the prisoners to get a bank account for their savings for when they could go out (and not being stolen by the institution ).

1978- 1980 I was responsible for two segments “Ideas” and “Discoveries” of a publication named Hogar y Vida .

I have been participating in different exhibition of art along the years

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1985-1995 I create the Restaurant “La Luna Mextli” in Tepoztlan Morelos. The first place with alive music, express coffee machine, European cakes etc. Then I had “La Mesa de Karine” in both I was the cook, the buyer, the administrator etc.

In 1966 I discover the Holographic Repatterning Technique® actually named Resonance Repatterning System tm. So I am the founder in Mexico, Chile and Spain and actually I teach, gives workshops and therapies. (around 4000 students and 20,000 clients)

In 2003 I started the creation of the Games of Possibilities, a very rewarding and playful experience. It gives me time for me and pushed me to go inside my self. And when I didn’t pay attention, having certain difficulties to conceive the Solar Plexus card in the Personal Coherence, I moved out of my way (literal) and had a car accident with a knee substitution… quite a few months to turn inside and go o with the process… The Solar Plexus is the I AM, the foundation of the power of action, the vitality, joy and rage, ANGER. (I destroyed my right knee, my masculine side, to be too pushy, to not have patience and forgiveness! Giving my power away and falling into the victim pattern. OOOH NO!!! One more time, when I thought that I was free form it !!!

I worked when I had free times-It took me 11 years to finish the project that was presented to the public in a paper version.

I could keep going on, about things I have done I my life, but it will be boring and I could look totally crazy, wish obviously I am. Madness is the true wisdom. (Mental health) I have learned that one with my knee.

To do the APP is the continuity of my life pathway, my mission of life.

My heart says: Do it, do it, go ahead, have faith, be courageous!

It is my conviction that everything is frequency, what we feel, think and do is energy and this is why it is so easy to change the energy. It is about changing the frequency like switching the light on or off, changing the TV channel etc.  Intention +Action= Transformation

El juego de lo posible

APP sketch

My dream is that we can touch the heart of people that need support and hope, that are able to notice that hey have problems that bother them, that live with tension, even anxious and people that wish to enhance their way of life, their relations. Even to wake up the consciousness that games are not only about Life and Death on the screen… that they are other games of LIFE and DEATH, OUR life and Death. ¿ Witch life do we want really? Do we only want to be slaves of a technology without witch we cannot live … some become suicidal because of the low energy level of those games. Adding to it the distortion of the energy by the Blocks of Power, affecting the brain functions and emotions, turning the world into stupidity and inducing people to become totally co dependant. It is obvious that it is easier to keep humanity off consciousness in this way.

This game is to invite people that even in the middle of obscurity look for the light, see the light even when it is very small, and when it feint they open their heart in a sincere plea from the bottom of their heart and the light comes back.

This game is conceived to create light within us, love, compassion, tolerance, joy and patience between many other things PLAYING.

Karine Bourcart

Karine Bourcart CV

1962-1966 Studies of Architecte d’Intérieurs Centre d’art et Techniques, Nissim Camondo Paris   

1966-68 Creatión of interiror design department store: Palacio de Hierro  in México City. Creation of show’s rooms, art gallery with the ebst galleries and artists of that time.

1968-1971 Weaving studies of Gobelin’s technique, Ciudadela Maestro Pedro

1969 Industrial Design Teacher at Ciudadela CDMX.

1971 Co-Creatión of the  group “ Artesanos Diseñadores” CDMX

1971- Oaxaca design and  creation of wide looms , production of prehispanic codices  with John Arvonio

1972 Stand of Macramé in the  “Bazaar del Sábado” producing the material with women in jail, Iztapalapa CDMX

1976 Medalla de Bronce  Gobelino Premio Nacional de Diseño IMCE para la exportación.

1977 Primer salón  de Diseñadores Artesanale  Galeria Aristos México DF.

1978-80 Responsable en la revista Hogar y Vida de la “Guía del consumidor”  y de “Ideas”

1978 Expo de Diseñadores Artesanales en Museo de ARTE MODERNO MEXICO DF.

1978 Salón Nacional de ARTES PLÁSTICAS sección bienal de tapiz Museo Carillo Gil

1979 Expo XI Congreso y Asamblea del Consejo Internacional de sociedades de diseño industrial México “lesid79” .  

1980 Fundación colectiva de la primera escuela primaria  privada en Tepoztlan “La Escuelita”

1981 Trabajo con el fotógrafo Bob Schalkwick   Organización de su archivo fotográfico y selección de fotos para programa inter-activo en pantallas del Museo Amparo en Puebla.

1982 Primera muestra Internacional de Miniaturas Textil en Morelia Michoacan.

1983 Segunda muestra Internacional de Miniatura Textil Morelia Michoacan.

1984 Tercer Salón Michoacano Internacional de Textil en Miniatura, Abril  y Museo Carillo Gil .

1984 Tienda de objetos de Arte , ropa de Guatemala y pan artesanal hecho en casa “La Luna Mextli” Tepoztlan Morelos.

1985 Cuarto Salón Michoacano de Textil  en Miniatura.

1985 Transformación de la tienda en  restaurante Luna Mextli Tepoztlán Morelos  Primera cafetera express en el pueblo, primeros pasteles europeos y comida mediterránea. (cocinera y administradora) primer lugar con música en vivo.

1986-87 Creación de Plata en cera fundida en Taxco Guerrero

1990-95 Apertura de “La mesa de Karine” restaurante

1995 Aprendizaje USA de Holographic  Repatterning 24 seminarios

1996 Facilitadora Certificada de Holographic Repatterning

1996 Supervisión de la traducción del material de Holographic Repatterning  y producción y financiamiento de los manuales básicos.

1996 Organización de Talleres de Holographic Repatterning

1997 Maestra de Fundamentos de HR

1999 Maestra de Segundo y tercer grado de Holographic  Repatterning

2000 Apertura de Chile con HR. Talleres en México

2001 Apertura de HR en España Valladolid y Madrid y Talleres en México

2001 Impartir Talleres de HR en USA Austin, Dallas, Seattle  y Talleres en México

2002 Impartir Taller de HR en  Austin, Dallas Seattle USA y Talleres en México

2002 Maestra de Chakra  de Holographic Repatterning

2002 Primera Conferencia  Nacional de HR en Puebla PUE  México

2003 “El juego de lo posible” inicio del proyecto

2004 Maestra de Meridianos y Cinco Elementos de HR.(fin de formación básica de HR)

2004 Impartir Talleres de HR Chile y España, Inglaterra y México

2005 Impartir Talleres de HR Chile , España , Inglaterra  y México

2006 Diciembre terminé la formación de  varias Maestras en Empower y Fundamentos Leopoldina Rendon, Rosario Azpiri , Carin Block , Ana Signoret, Hebe Aloi,

2006 Impartir Talleres de HR en México

2007 Impartir Talleres de HR. Barcelona , Valladolid,  Madrid España y México

2007 Fundación del Instituto HR  en México

2008 Certificación del ICAM Instructora Certificada.

2008 Impartir Talleres Barcelona, Valladolid, Chile y México

2009 IBERO  Impartir taller HR de  a estudiantes de postgrado y certificado de excelencia de la Universidad. México DF.

2008 -2013 taller de literatura con Joelle Rorivre

2010 cambio de nombre de Holographic Repatterning a  Resonance Repatterning

2010 Traducción, financiamiento  y producción de “Un sistema para el Cambio Cuántico” Autora Chloe Faith Wordsworth.

2010 Agosto Casa Lamm  Presentación del libro “Un sistema para el Cambio Cuántico”  con Chloe Faith Wordsworth

2010 Agosto  presentación Queretaro  de “Un sistema para el Cambio Cuántico”  con Chloe Faith Wordsworth

2011-2012 Febrero Cárcel preventiva trabajo con adolescentes (individual y  grupos) en CDMX.

2011 Puebla con empresa BFO  programa de aplicación de Resonance  Repatterning a empresas.

2011 desarrollo  de PERFIL5 una lectura de la personalidad a través de los 5 elementos chinos .

2011 Presentación Queretaro para :  Desarrollo Social Integral de “El Perfil de la Personalidad en la comunicación” (PERFIL5)2013 Presentación “Juego  de lo Posible ” casa LAMM 22 Mayo

2013 Galleria Olloyuqui Tepoztlan Retrospectiva de  Tapices, cuadros y objetos.

2016 Facilitator and Peace Advocate Group Leader  Comnapas & Rotary Scotland México DF.

2016 Planeta 2013   9 programas Telar de Vida.

2015 -2017 Alumna de la “Academie de la Vida en Mouvement” generación  04 JJ Crève Coeur

2017 Noviembre Montreal JJ Crève Coeur le chemin du Héro.

2018 Trabajo voluntario  con shock y Trauma Post temblor en  Jojutla Morelos.


To make the APP of

THE GAME OF THE POSSIBLE it is the continuation of the journey of my life.


My heart tells me:

"Do it do it; follow; have faith; be brave!"

My dream is that we can touch the heart of people that need support and hope...

 OUR life and Death. ¿ Witch life do we want really?...

This game is conceived to create light within us, love, compassion, tolerance, joy and patience between many other things PLAYING.

Karine Bourcart


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