“What are you vibrating with..?.”

Story of the Game

I was born in the French part of Switzerland, in Geneva, were the winters are long and the days are short in autumn and winter. My father family had a “Chalet” in the mountain of the JURA where we used to spend vacations and Christmas with my father’s sisters. My father being the last one of five and my mother the last one of eight, my sister and I where the smallest and we had, as a surname “The Flies”. I was the youngest one.

As the afternoons where so long we where used to play table games like: Dominos, family’s games, monopoly, scrabble etc.

One especially rainy winter cousins, uncles and ants, created a very sophisticated family game. As I was too young to participate, I could only observe how each one draw and I was fascinated to look at them but I was jealous of not been able to paint.

After that experience I always was attracted by cards games, basically spirituals games, transforming games. So through the years I got all sort of card games. Osho, Indian American, Angels etc. and I got used to search for answers in my crisis and tribulations, to see more clearly what my situation was about. In general I was able to understand intellectually the lesson but I never found any resource to resolve my situation. So once that you “you know” what’s wrong, how do you changed it?

All along my life, I may have appeared to be a very self-secure person, even if I never was. But I took the habit to do “as if…” I was secure, even when I was dying of fear. Before each examination I had diarrheal and when I was supposed to give a talk, I would lose my voice! So I never dreamed that one day I could turn into a teacher!! Are you joking?

After having done thousand of things in my life in 1985 facing a very difficult situation I decided to open a restaurant. Ten years after my economy fell off and I found my self in the USA, looking for some type of destiny. This is when I discover the Holographic Repatterning Technique, which turned after into Resonance Repatterning System, I totally fall in love with it. My life started changing, I lost my fear; discover that I was not totally stupid (I am dyslexic). I was then fifty years old! That was a real rebirth and I decided to bring the technique to México. If it had helped me, it could help any one! I supervised the translation, produced the manuals, created a market, and learned how to be a teacher. I also open Chile and Spain and gave seminars in the USA and England.

It is when I discover that my students couldn’t integrate the body of knowledge of the chakras, that it occurred to me to do a game.

-Do you have the earth chakra? –Yes give me four qualities and will give you the card… As I mentioned in other writing the Universe wanted something different. So, along the creation the purpose changed.

When I surrender to the fact that it was going to be a self-transforming game, I didn’t want to have a book and a set of cards, I wanted each card to have the information inside… So I develop the concept of envelopes containing the information. An expensive system as it needs to be folded and glued by hand one by one…but as I am quite stubborn, I refused to change the concept to make it cheaper.

All along the creation of the game, that took me eleven ears, when I was working with the Fire Chakra or Solar Plexus, witch meaning is related to the power of who you are, arriving to the personal coherence (How do I integrate my life lessons in my personal life) I got totally blocked…and I had a terrible accident where I destroyed my car and my right knee and I end up with a prosthesis. So I had to stop and meditate on my life! Where was my power? To whom was I giving it? Where was my joy and what was happening with my anger? That is the shamanic path I reefer to. I had to surf the pain, a great master that takes over everything including the mind.

I produced the game in paper in a simple version and another one more sophisticated with one original painting integrated in the top of a wooden box, in Spanish only. I sold it without any publicity along the years, to students, people that had sessions and wanted it, by word of mouth.

I always was the “iron lady” that could deal with everything and suddenly I lost my health! That took all my energy away, and for a healer to be sick is a huge challenge! Another one… when I thought that with my knee I had resolved everything!

Actually I am “under control” and it is allowing me to come back into action. I always had a dream to do an APP of the game, in different languages, only the Crowd Founding didn’t existed or I ignored they did! Now I know they do! So this is why decide to go into the world. I am seventy-four years old (A year eleven 7+4=11 a year of spiritual leader ship, going out into the world…)

So now I am in your hands. Together we can create an instrument to elevate the consciousness on our planet, bring to co dependent people from cellular, tablets etc. a resource to enhance their quality of life, some thing may be less aliening into their phone, in order to have better relationships, family relations, communication with their kids, partner’s and them selves… for young one’s to integrate into a better society.

But surely it will help any one desiring to grow in consciousness and love to have a resource (that is not a panacea) to become more mature, to relax, to help them selves and other’s.






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